Quizzes about Ozone Science

Quiz: Ozone Introduction

  1. Why is stratospheric ozone important for life on Earth?

  2. How much ozone is present in the Earth’s atmosphere?

  3. What happened in the seventies that was discovered in the early eighties?

  4. What was done to reduce the destruction of ozone?

  5. What is done to publicize the state of ozone every four years?

Quiz: Total Column Ozone

  1. What is the difference between a total column and a partial column of ozone?

  2. What is a Dobson Unit?

  3. How do you get from a data field of volume mixing ratios (latitude, longitude, height) into a total column? What steps are necessary?

  4. What is a zonal mean?

  5. Why would one use a multi model mean?

  6. What is ozone return?

  7. How can models be compared that have totally different values (offsets) from each other?

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